House to House Clinic

Love to help people in their homes with counselling and medical assistance.

This project has been formed by a group of leaders that have a heart to reach out to people that are struggling Daily. Many people sleep in shacks and don’t have what the fortunate people have.  Mandy Weschta has always had a heart to reach out to those that feel hopeless and instead add HOPE into their lives. Many people feel unloved into their homes or they are too sick to get out of Bed. 
This project is designed to help people that are sick and need healing.  We can assist with medical help and one on one councillor visiting them in at their homes. 
This is however impossible to do without finances to pay professionals to help.  We do have many leaders coming from churches all over the world that are willing to offer prayer and one on one support to those in need.  However we still lack finances to help treat these people with the correct medicine.
Please see the photos of what we have done house to house so far

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